Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I am BACK!!!

While I was away from my blog I celebrated my 50th birthday with my best buddies. I woke up to a decorated yard, there were balloons, banners and bunting all stating I was "Over the Hill" and "Turning 50". Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture to show you.

I then met up with the girls for a road trip to yarn shops. Of course I had to wear my birthday crown, because I was the birthday Princess, and a round button was pinned on my top which blinked I was "50"; thanks Cally. After we were done shopping for yarn the girls treated me to lunch at Islands. It was one of the best birthdays ever!

I worked on several bags this month. I really like the fabric on this bag.

This one reminds me of growing up in the 70's, so I had to make it.

I originally bought this fabric to make a blouse but decided it would be better as a bag.

This fabric belongs in a Dr Seuss picture, I love it!

This is going to be one of my future bags.

Align CenterI love this fabric by Michael Miller.

Aren't the women gorgeous?

Here is another future bag.

I started a new shawl called the Babushka, I am using Alpaca with a Twist FINO; it is a fine fiber and a little hard to work with but I love how it is turning out. is soooo soft!

I also started a bobbled edge scarf using Cascade 220. The cables are a nice break from working on lace.

I completed my Batkus.

I think it turned out rather well, and I enjoyed your comments about this project.

I also completed three beanies for a friend's son and his platoon who are stationed in Afghanistan and freezing. I am working on another beanie for my daughters friend who will be going to Afghanistan in January so he can stay warm.

And finally, I landed a much needed job with a Company called Jitterbug (no, not the yarn) which I will be starting on November 2nd.


  1. Jomamma, I do sell the bags for $20 dollars. Let me know if you want the Dr Seuss one.

  2. Debbie, email me at with details. I've never done a PayPal thing.

  3. Wow! You've been busy! Good luck with your new job! :-)