Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Magic Yarn Ball Shawl

Okay, all my friends are telling me to post my recent knit project on my Blog, so here it is.

I used six different yarns, which I got through an exchange of scraps with my friends, to create a magic ball of yarn, then knitted a triangular shawl.

Pattern Details:

Cut 2-yard lengths of various yarns and tie the lengths together. I did not use any particular order with my yarns, the only thing I would suggest is if the yarn is very thin mix it with another thin or textured yarn to give it more strength.

To knit simply cast on three stitches and knit first row. Every row after k2, yo, knit the rest until the last two stitches then, yo, k2. After every 5 rows of adding yarn overs, knit 2 rows without yo's...this will keep the length going as well as the width. Bind off when you are at the desired length.

Block the shawl, I did not weave in my ends as they added to the texture of the yarns in the shawl.