Monday, June 1, 2009

Today I was viewing my friend Cheryl's blog and became really inspired when I saw her Magic Yarn Shawl she completed. It turned out beautifully, and completely inspired me to pull out some of my yarns that I have been intending to use for a Magic something.

Here are the different yarns I started with. I really could not capture the true color of the yarn in the middle, it is a beautiful dusty sage green, very soft and a bit fuzzy but not too much so. The yellow/green one below it is my least favorite, however while selecting the yarns I noticed it made the whole thing POP. The solid Teal yarn is actually cashmere, I love this soft yarn but did not buy enough to make anything with it, so it got added to this project. The one on the upper left corner is a type of ribbon yarn with a slight metallic thread running through it, not very pretty on its own but nice with the other yarns. I used the cashmere together with the crazy looking yarn at the top, it is a very strange yarn but looks great with the cashmere.
Finally the middle yarn on the right I used by itself and seems to break up the bulkiness of the whole grouping.

I started a pattern for a wrap that I received from a really neat yarn shops in Riverside, California called DESIGNER HAND KNITS.
The owner and staff are very helpful, and they have a small wall of pull-out containers of clearance yarns like the ones I used in this project.
Here are a couple of pictures of what I have completed so far. More to come when it is completed.