Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Let's See What Has Been Going on in Debbie's Life...

Yesterday I finished a blouse, and it turned out really cute. I made it from the fabric I purchased for $1.98 a yard at Jenny's Fabrics. The total cost of the blouse was around $6.00, I love that!

Today I went to Aroma's Coffee & Floral Shop to meet with my "Knit Biddies" and had a lot of fun, there is a picture of them above my ramblings here. Click the link on Aroma's to see what people are saying about our great Wednesday morning meeting place.

Today I also went to the Post Office to get my Passport so I can go to Costa Rica in September, that is if the Passport arrives in time. I was so shocked when I saw how much they charged for the four little pictures for the Passport, they were $40.00. That is absolute highway robbery!!! I was so distraught that I had to fork out so much money for those photos that I really needed something sweet to quite my nerves, are you buying this line? I went to The Cake Cottage Cupcake Shop near the USPS. I ordered a coconut cupcake, see the picture? I have not tasted it yet but will let you know how it was when I do.

While at the cupcake shop I noticed on their door that the Baker, (Susan Carberry), for the shop will be on TLC on August 31 at 10:00pm Pacific Standard Time to compete in the "Ultimate Cake Off" competition. I tried to get out of them if she was the winner, but their lips were sealed as she is under contract and cannot disclose who the winner is until after the show airs. It will be fun to see if she wins.

Allie's potty training is done and she is finally starting to get used to Buster, even though she still keeps her distance from him most of the time.

I made another bag. It is much larger than the other bags I have made in the past, but I like it better because it only uses a quarter yard of each fabric where the other bags used a third of a yard of each fabric. I also was able to put a pocket on the inside of the bag to hold my notions in.

I have mastered the cast on for toe up socks, I am truly an expert at this cast on as I had to redo my sock so many times to get the gauge correct, and I am now almost to the heel on my first one. By the way, knitting socks on two circulars in the toe up method is sooooo much easier than on double pointed needles. Next time I knit socks I am going to try doing both socks on the two circulars at the same time.

I had a garage sale last Saturday and made a little money. Woo who, money is always good!

I suppose this is about the extent of things for now, not too exciting lately but at least I am slowly getting things accomplished.

I wish you all a great week!


  1. Hey! That's us! :-D

    Cupcake shops must be one of the new "in" things....I've seen a couple now. I'll have to stop in and check this one out. Sounds yummy!

  2. Tell me more about Allie! I will have to talk to you about Costa Rica when I get back. I forgot- have you already been there before?