Monday, August 17, 2009

My Monday

My daughter moved back home a week ago, and she brought my "grand dog, Allie" with her. Allie is a teacup chichuaua who has only lived in a small apartment for the last year and a half of her life. My daughter trained her to a "Potty Mat" as she had no yard for her to use. Well, there is NO WAY I am having a "Potty Mat" sitting out in my house when there is a perfectly good yard for her to use, so over the last week I have been on potty training duty as my daughter has been working.

When Allie first went into the yard she was terrified of the grass, the wind (seriously), flys and bees, and any noise she heard. I sat out in the yard with her for 2 hours for her to become accustomed to the smells, textures, bugs and wind. Yeah, it worked! She now loves the yard, and she is really taking to using it as her bathroom instead of my floors. This makes me very happy!

Buster is not so happy though, he is a bit jealous because his momma is spending time with someone other than him. I am really making a huge effort to keep him happy and secure by spending so much time petting him and talking to him, but he is still jealous. He wants ALL of me, and does not want to share with Allie. I have posted a picture of his typical look over the last few days, he looks so left out.

Tonight Buster and Allie actually played together, sort of. She is really timid with him because he looks like the "Incredible Hulk" to her (she told me this). She likes to hide under my computer desk when I am on the computer, of course Buster is at my feet also. Tonight she was swatting him with her tiny paw, and then he would try to crawl under the desk (which he is too big to do) to get to her to play. It was pretty cute.

Anyway, they are wearing me out! I have not achieved anything over this week. Well, that is not exactly true, today I got ONE bag made, and pulled out 30 rows of lace on my socks because I knit them wrong (probably due to the dogs interruptions) but that is all I got done. Tomorrow I will achieve more...I will, I will, I will!

Good night all, sweet dreams!


  1. Watch the Dog Whisperer... take them for a walk and wear them out.

    I want to read more about that bag!

  2. Sounds like you're a great dog trainer. I'm impressed with the progress you've made with Allie in such a short time. She's adorable! Poor Buster that he's not enjoying sharing your time but I bet he enjoys having the little dog around. I like your bag and can't wait to see it! Bummer about your socks. Is it the toe up socks? If so, I should try and cast on some toe up socks and we could do a KAL. I'll bring needles and yarn on Wednesday. :-)