Sunday, July 26, 2009

My latest HEADACHE Shawl!!!

My friend, Cally, is a very experienced lace knitter, she is really a natural when it comes to lace, and I have been working on a KAL Shawl called "Gail Nightsongs". I suggest to anyone reading this, as well as their friends and friends friends, to NOT make this shawl. While it is simply gorgeous, it is equally confusing and difficult!

I would have given up many times on this project had it not been for my slave driving friend! She has been figuring out the very poorly written pattern the whole way, and now is working on her edges. I am fortunate enough to be able to glean from her hard work and just knit whatever she tells me will work. LOL Even with that being the case I have made too many mistakes for my liking, but I will persevere and someday finish this blasted shawl, or I will die trying.

I must offer my most sincere thanks to Cally as she carries most of the headache for me to be able to do this shawl. :)

Sorry about the poor pictures, the shawl is not big enough to really get a good photo. Also I believe the varigated yarn does not help, I have posted a picture of it with filtered sun so you are able to see the true colors of my yarn.

Yarn is Panda Silk made by Crystal Palace and may be purchased at Daily Fiber Yarn. I am intending to use 3 skeins.


  1. It's going to be beautiful. Lace is not so hard once you get your brain wrapped around it but with a poorly written pattern, I can imagine it's next to impossible. As it says in my copy of Knitting Journal (given to me by my Aunt who taught me to knit) "Navajo knitters make one deliberate error in a garment so as not to offend the gods with human attempts at perfection." Just keep telling yourself "I meant to do that."

  2. What a great idea, I will do that! :)

  3. Thank you Margaret, I really loved this also however the pattern did not show up very well with this yarn so unfortunately I "frogged it". I will post my new one I have started this week, so keep your eyes open for it.