Friday, March 20, 2009

Debbie's erratic thoughts about her age.

My brother in law turned 50 this week, which means in a few months I will be turning 50 also. This realization has caused me to wonder, how can my thoughts be those of a 30 year old when my body is that of an almost 50 year old?

Which sends me down the path of my memories of the almost half a century...OUCH...of my life, and more specifically what I have accomplished thus far, who have I touched with my life, and where am I headed in my future?

All these contemplations cause me to re-live the uncertain feelings I experienced in my high school years. I suppose if I am still able to feel what I felt as a teen I am still a child inside, right...or am I?

I keep asking myself, am I really almost a senior??? I don't feel like a senior...I don't even feel like an almost how can I be almost 50?

Okay, I need to go take a nap now, I have worn myself out! LOL

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